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till kurser som vill erbjuda dig livgivande stunder, nya upptäckter, skön egen vila, glädje och källor till ny kraft.



bjuder på harmoni mellan rörelse och stillhet, energi och ro.



är kravlös, genomströmmande hela kroppen.


- medveten närvaro - utgör helt naturligt en del av helheten. 

Ditt välbefinnande

och din hälsa i bejakandet av det som är förnyar livets mening andetag för andetag. 



till fantastiska upplevelser runtom i Sverige och Europa.


Dagar av skönhet och mening

och med en innerlighet som berör. 



En del kurser och danskvällar uppstår ibland med kort varsel så titta in då och då!



Dance Weekend Send us the Peace – HAMBURG, Tyskland

lör 23 - sön 24 september 2017

Dance Weekend

Send us the Peace


Wali och Arienne är härliga dansledare - och till Hamburg kan man ta tåget! Rekommenderas!



Info på deras hemsida:



Kursledare: Wali och Arienne
Plats: Yoga Centrum Hamburg, HAMBURG, Tyskland

Rebirth from the Breath: Meditations with the Aramaic Jesus – ENGLAND

fre 13 - sön 15 oktober 2017

“The sign of the Breathing Life of All in you is: movement and rest.”

--Gospel of Thomas, saying 50


During this retreat, we will use teachings and practices suggested by the words of Jesus in his native Aramaic language to deepen in our own sense of rebirth and healing. This rebirth can occur when we re-connect with the timeless, always-on part of our nature that Jesus called in Aramaic ruha. In his famous conversation with Nicodemus in the Gospel of John, Yeshua recommends feeling a connected breath, non-grasping flow and life energy as keys to this rebirth. These will be our main themes as we alternate gentle moving meditation (in the form of Dances of Universal Peace) with sitting in silence to absorb the wordless teaching further into our hearts.


Opening to the divine in this way, we can then allow ourselves to become channels for blessing and healing, both for ourselves and others. Throughout the weekend, we will explore the spirituality of Yeshua, the Middle Eastern prophet, through a mixture of teaching, silent meditation, walking meditation, chant and sacred movement. Neil will draw teachings and new Dances of Universal Peace from his most recent work on the Jesus traditions in early Aramaic Christianity as well as Islam. The retreat is open to all, some prior contemplative prayer or meditation experience is helpful.


Dr. Neil Douglas-Klotz directs the Edinburgh Institute for Advanced Learning in Scotland and co-founded the Edinburgh International festival of Middle Eastern Spirituality and Peace, now in its 14th year. He is the past chair of the Mysticism Group of the American Academy of Religion and has published several books on Middle Eastern spirituality and peace, including Prayers of the Cosmos (1990), Desert Wisdom (1995), The Hidden Gospel (1999), The Genesis Meditations (2003), The Sufi Book of Life (2005), Blessings of the Cosmos (2006) and The Tent of Abraham (2006, with Sr. Joan Chittister and Rabbi Arthur Waskow). In 2015, under the penname A.K.A. Chishti, he also authored a mystery novel set in the first century CE Middle East entitled A Murder at Armageddon. Information about his work internationally can be found at the website of the Abwoon Network,





Othona Community, Bridport, Dorset, England SW Coast Path, Burton Bradstock, Bridport, Dorset DT6 4RN Burton Bradstock, Dorset DT6 4RN England

Kursledare: Neil Douglas-Klotz
Anmälan: mail@othona-bb.org.ukTA.BORT.DETTA

Danshelg kring bönen Fader Vår med NEIL DOUGLAS-KLOTZ – VÄRMLAND

fre 9 - sön 11 februari 2018

Denna helg är en del av en längre utbildning, och går tyvärr inte att anmäla sig till.

Kursledare: Neil Douglas-Klotz